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Dental check-up every six months is essential to avoid tooth loss. Preventive measures, or otherwise, fillings and root canal treatments can check such losses. On the other hand, each delayed treatment is bound to come back with more expensive procedures that take more time. The most effective replacement to missing teeth is dental implants, which are quite costly compared to other treatments. Preventive dentistry therefore has always been our priority.

Teeth can loose strength over time, depending on genetic tendency or dietary habits. However, regular care and regular examinations can help tooth longevity.

Restorative treatment is a delicate issue for clients with plans to have a smile design. If your remaining teeth need restorative treatment, it takes great care to carry the procedure out and to maintain the longevity and condition of your new zirconium or E-max crowns. Cut teeth may need support with filling, or they may need canal treatment. Proper planning of restorative treatment before the prosthetic stage will do away with the necessity of any post-cementation interference. Planning is of crucial importance for a proper and reliable treatment.

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