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Digital Dentistry in Turkey

A fine smile helps people feel themselves more good-looking and confident. Dissatisfaction with your appearance caused by tooth problems can be solved by a smile design that gives you a brilliant beam. We choose the perfectly natural and aesthetic materials to bring you that smile. There are many people these days who present themselves as aesthetic dentists, and yet, this is a branch that requires experience and proficiency. Our dentists are here for you to combine their planning abilities and aesthetic perception into a wonderful smile. We invite you to Turkey for treatment so you can share this experience with us.

Zirconium crowns in Turkey

Zirconium crowns both have a natural appearance and are highly biocompatible and durable materials. In Turkey they are the most preferred materials in cosmetic dentistry. And how are zirconium crowns applied? Your teeth are cut at a minimum level. Zirconium here is used as a substructure material, the surface of which skilled ceramicists give the shape of a tooth, with special glass ceramic materials. Shaped in accordance with client expectations and tried out, zirconium crowns are then permanently placed on the cut teeth. This procedure is not only preferred on cut teeth, but frequently also for prostheses on implants for a better aesthetic outcome.

And do you know what you need to beware of when choosing zirconium teeth? The key parameters are the dentist’s planning and the dental prosthesis laboratory s/he chooses. You must prefer a prosthesis laboratory that has an aesthetic sensitivity and uses quality material. You need to make sure that among hundreds of zirconium material only the best are picked out. Crown treatment for the whole jaw takes a week on the average; and as our dentists are taking care of your treatment, we help you enjoy the city in your remaining time.

E-max crowns in Turkey

E-max crowns are the general preference for dental laminates. You must look for us if you wish to have laminate teeth. You should know you need absolutely the right indication for the latest E-max treatment, as E-max crowns are not fit for every indication. These are glass ceramic materials, which makes them often suitable for incisor aesthetics where a light abrasion is sufficient. On the other hand, they are not fit for bridges, since glass ceramic is not as resistant to chewing pressure as zirconium crowns. Zirconium is as strong as metal, whereas E-max is a fully ceramic material that is more translucent. Hence, the area of application should be carefully planned. DG Health Care is therefore committed to give you consultancy for a proper and reliable treatment.

Hollywood smile in Turkey

Hollywood smile is a smile design for clients who are dissatisfied with the colour and position of their teeth. Although the most preferred colours are white and shiny, it is all up to the clients to make their own choice. Nobody can apply you the colour or form you don’t prefer. You can also choose colours that are not on the colour scale. Most people in Turkey presume that treatments only include bright white teeth, but that is not true. Despite the confusion, Hollywood smile is in fact a smile design. A pleasant smile depends on the right calculation of the visibility of the gums and how the crown size is positioned on the smile and lip lines. The smile line can only be a design wonder if it is perfectly calculated. Only a skilled and attentive dentist can give you a truly wonderful smile. In case you are not happy with your smile. offer you a brand new and appealing one.

Tooth whitening in Turkey

Only cosmetic dentistry can change the natural colour of your teeth. Factors like smoking, or coffee and tea consumption may darken the tooth enamel, resulting in loss of brightness. Latest products, however, can whiten your teeth and help them regain their former gloss. This usually requires two sessions, as one session often does not yield the desired result. The laser teeth whitening procedure uses special clinical bleaching materials, which are much more efficient than at-home ones. After the whitening process you need to keep away from dyed food for seven-to-ten days, as that kind of stuff may colour your teeth again.