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The “Turkey Teeth” Fallacy!

The “Turkey Teeth” Fallacy!

Lately there has been bad press that goes by the label, “Turkey teeth”. You may wonder why this is so. We always remind: you need the right planning and the experienced dentists! You need the right information! You need to know what materials are used! Focusing solely on the price will bounce back as a more expensive treatment.

The explosion of medical tourism has led to a rapid increase in the number of clinics and consultancy firms that employ people lacking the necessary knowledge and experience. It is vital to know who manages your treatment, and who informs you on the technical aspects of the procedure. What is their proficiency, and what is their training? Is it sensible to get treatment from people whose qualifications you don’t know?

How do I get the right information?

DG Health care offers you the right consultancy service, making sure you reach the best dentists from among hundreds of clinics and consultancy firms. Wouldn’t you like to frankly and openly discuss dental treatments in Turkey?

We encourage you to contact us and ask everything about the treatment you need. For a proper assessment of your treatment, we require you to send us your X-ray image. We need that for an open treatment plan. You need to question the professional qualifications of people who say they can help you without seeing your X-ray images.

You need to keep in mind that everything has its standards, and this also includes the price. Everything too cheap will eventually return with higher costs. Your health is too consequential to ignore this fact. We don’t promise you the cheapest treatment, but we promise you the best!