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One of the main reasons why dental treatments take less time in Turkey is that it boasts an integrated digital infrastructure. Digitalisation of dentistry both ensures client comfort and saves time. Conventional techniques may occasionally require the treatment to start over, or lead to delays in the recognition of faults. Our prosthetic treatments, on the other hand, are monitored digitally at every stage.

The workflow starts with a digital measurement of the client’s mouth. Taken with an intraoral scanner, the measurements are sent to the laboratory via e-mail, and thanks to a 3D printer we are able to prepare a model the very same day. With conventional methods just the modelling of the client’s jaw could take two days, but now the latest technology allows us to complete the client’s metal or zirconium framework within the same period. Moreover, as measurements are taken at micronic levels, there is no room for any miscalculation. Technicians take up the measurements sent to the laboratory and carry out the design with special software. The shaping process, although executed on computer, requires experience and aesthetic vision to meet client expectations. The design of digital measurements is ready after the CAD/CAM work, and in three days the framework of zirconium crowns is completed – a comfortable and timesaving course of treatment for our clients. We are proud to announce that clients coming to Turkey on a tight schedule get the best treatment during their short visit.